First blog post ever!!

This is the post excerpt.


My very first post. Learning as I’m doing, with encouragement from the Master Key Experience.  The stock photo is so appropriate as the sun rising in the east is the promise of the new day, the spiritual growth along this path with other people still unmet.  I’ve started this blog because I ‘have to’, but with practice and firming up of DMP, etc. I’m looking forward to enjoying life, setting priorities to “match up action with my heart’s desires” as I eventually have a community of those recovering their “Confidence Factors”!


We are given what we need…thanks so much, Cheri, for these 5 easy but good ways to get doing the blogging that I wanted to do, yea!!!

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What week is this?

I almost threw in the towel today, tonight, despite good schtuff on today’s webinar.  Yes, I can see where the exercises are starting to come together.

But – and it’s a big but – I’m heading out of the country in 2 days.  Then we’re back for a week only to host 20-30 family members for our holiday dinner.  We leave a week later for another 10 days.    4-5 weeks after that we’re driving to Florida.

Oh, and I’m coming off a bereavement leave, just had the full military honors paid to both our parents at a national cemetery, not a dry eye in the place when Taps was played after the 21-gun salute.  I had to wash the shells so I could mail them to my brother, who didn’t want to try taking them on the airplane home after the memorial ceremony and luncheon.  Tomorrow I will do the last banking to get all the estate accounting completed, yes!!

Not to mention the physical cleanse as I’m working with Claudine, fantastic wellness coach, to straighten out the damage I’ve done to my digestive system with gluten (didn’t know) and sugar (oh, yeah I knew but couldn’t stop until now)  over the years.   The travel schedule made it hard to know when to schedule the Provocation Elimination 30 day process.  Not to mention that the HCI test results are difficult to interpret.  Whew.

But Ryan, my guide and Dayla reminded me of lessons (I haven’t digested yet) and my words of commitment from the application I filled out.  Their encouragement (that I can get caught up) and challenge (to write ‘truth’ to my assertion of being a persistent person) helped me find the way to use my upcoming leisure time to gather my scattered thinking, to productively lay out this course of study just like when I set about to finish  my degree and write my book.  I’m blessed with working from home and setting my own hours, so I now that I know what following the MKE entails, I can lay out my upcoming schedule.  I’ll gather what electronic copies I can before I leave and review handouts instead of junk magazines.  I’ll feed my soul with the good books we’re using as the basis for reprogramming our synapses 😉

And God will help me when I ask for His help.  I’m asking.  And He’ll be up all night anyway! Amen.



Master Key Experience Week 3 coming up

Okay, yesterday I got a call that my name was pulled, 2nd place winner for $8.5 million dollars. The man James even let me pick out the color and model (silver convertible 2 door) Mercedes. He said Publishers Clearing House but we don’t think so, especially when he wanted me to produce $500.00 for a Declaration Stamp. But it was fun picturing wealth manifesting so easily in my life now that I’m working on learning and applying the Master Keys!!! Thanks for the scholarship and all the support!!